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C3i Magazine Issue #11

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23 CLOSE-UP FEATURE: Barbarians and Conquest
  • PDF Arminius and the Defense of Germania, a Conquest of Gaul module highlights Barbarian cunning on Rome's final frontier. Teutoberg Forest, 9 A.D. and Idistaviso, 16 A.D. scenarios.
    By Steve Jackson
  • 37 How to Employ Your Very Own Barbarian Horde
  • PDF Tactics available to those many folks in the path of Caesar's legions in Conquest of Gaul and Dictator.
    By Stephen Jackson
  • 41 Publius Crassus in Aquitania
  • PDF Two Conquest of Gaul scenarios (Sos and the storming of the Aquitani Camp) feature Julius Caesar's lieutenant in 56 B.C.
    By FrÉdÉric Bey
  • 4 Operational Tempo in Invasion: Norway
  • Concentration of force and synchronization of combat arms as an alternative to overly-diffuse pre-emptive strikes.
    By Lee Forester
  • 9 Built-In Blitzkrieg
  • The Wehrmacht in Victory in the West.
    By Jim Werbaneth
  • 16 Observations on Eighth Air Force
  • PDF Rules clarifications and recommendations.
    By Chris Janiec
  • 28 Ben-Hur
  • PDF A cast of thousands bring you a War Galley scenario.
    By Mike Lemick
  • 31 The Raven: Rome's Secret Weapon
  • PDF Though briefly used, Rome's Corvus overturned the naval balance of power. Mylae, 260 B.C. and Tydnaris 257 B.C. for War Galley.
    By Dan Fournie

  • Sneak Peeks at New Games

    43 Cataphract Developer's Notes
    By Alan J. Ray

    DiF Campaign

    19 PDF Kuban Bridgehead
    By Greg Leon Guerrero

    Tournament Rules

    14 Saratoga
    By Andy Lewis
    22 Team Tournament Format for Down in Flames

    C3i, Nr. 11 Insert Contents

    • Ben-Hur Countersheet (ships)
    • Ben-Hur Playing Aid
    • Kuban Bridgehead Aircraft Sheets (x2)
    • Kuban Bridgehead DiF Campaign Sheet
    • June 6 Playing Aid
    • Paths of Glory Playing Aid
    3 Inside GMT
    48 GMT Games Ratings Chart