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Family or Euro Games → WBC: The Board game

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WBC: The Board game

Banner designs by Rodger B. MacGowan


Note: All samples below are from playtest graphics, not final game art. GMT Games claims no copyright on these images. Copyright remains with the original creator.


WBC- Base Game

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WBC - Buy a Competitor Card

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WBC - Buy an Alter Ego Card

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WBC - Sugar Daddy

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1. Kirk on 1/26/2015, said:

I have played this - as the game designers happily promote it at PrezCon and WBC as well as other tourneys and get-together s. If you play at WBC, you MUST get this. You identify with the resource management that is the heart of the game - managing your schedule, tourneys (with the double edged sword of advancing far), sleep, food. But it works as something you can identify with any other conference. The mechanics are easy to learn - with many strategies that can be honed - and the better gamers will give themselves the better odds of winning --- but won't guarantee it. As with real tourney - lady luck is involved. I think this is a great game - fun to play even if you are not a tourney attender, and MUST PLAY if you are. I can't believe there are only 150 sales at this posting. This deserves the support
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2. Jeff (Carla) on 6/16/2014, said:

I have never been fortunate to make it to WBC, but the game itself is still strong. I believe that if I knew the inside jokes I might rate it a 5.
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WBC: The Board Game is a game for 3-5 players, who will share the fun of the week-long World Boardgaming Championships, contesting convention events in a quest for Laurels and competing for the ultimate prize: The title of Caesar. Players must manage their time wisely.  They must remember to carve out a moment between games to sleep and eat while dodging convention pitfalls – including other competitors, unfortunate circumstances, and the occasional dreaded phone call from home.  After six days of gaming -- when the games are all packed up and the competitors are headed for home – WBC players compare accumulated Laurels.  Highest score is Caesar, a proven boardgaming champion worthy of praise!

WBC: The Board Game is played in six turns, each one representing a day at the convention.  Each day/turn proceeds in the following sequence:
  • The Day’s Events are determined 
  • Players then Schedule their day (i.e. pick which Events to attend)
  • Players in turn order select specific Events or spaces to resolve (ie allow Event attendees to compete in that Event or spend time at a recovery space such as Pool Side hoping to recover some much needed Energy or satiate their Hunger).  
  • Finally, at the close of the day/turn all Players participate in one final Event, the Late Night Event, where success often comes at a price.

Additionally, Players will be assigned an Alter Ego card that represents their “Player Type” at the convention.  Player types range from the Eurogamer, to the Emerging Talent, the Superior Players, or the Late Night King.  Each Player type provides two abilities to the Player, one a typical benefit common to the Alter Ego Type being played and one a unique benefit for that Alter Ego.  

Finally, convention attendees compete at WBC for a variety of reasons.  WBC: The Board Game represents this with Convention Focus markers.  The Convention Focus is a secret objective the Player is attempting to complete by game’s end and depending upon their level of success rewards the Player with a number of additional Laurels.

Get in the Game!

But that’s not all.  In a special P500 offer, you can get yourself, a family member, or a friend into WBC: The Board Game as a Competitor Card or even as an Alter Ego.  The Alter Ego Option is limited to twelve orders and will include your name and image on one of the Alter Ego Cards in the game.  The Competitor Card Option is limited to 96 orders and will include your name, image, and chosen flavor text on a Competitor card.  The ultimate special P500 offer is to sponsor a specific event in WBC: The Board Game.  So if there is a game you want to insure is always played at WBC (for example 1776 or Win, Place, or Show) here is your chance to guarantee its inclusion.  The Event Sponsor Option is limited to ten orders and will include a special graphic on the sponsored Event to distinguish its “Sugar Daddy” status.   

Each copy of WBC: The Board Game includes the following:

  • One 22-by-34” game board.
  • W “What’s Your Game” deck, featuring many of the games you’ll play at WBC.
  • B “Build Your Skill” deck, featuring mostly useful items which will aid your quest to be Caesar.
  • C “Competitors” deck, featuring many of the competitors who will provide a helpful boost -- or stand in your way -- throughout the week.
  • 55 player cubes, 11 each in five colors.
  • 15 dice, three each in five colors.
  • 60 convention focus markers.
  • 95 laurel tokens.
  • Six two-sided alter-ego player aids
  • One turn marker.
  • One 12-page rulebook. 

Players: 3-5
Time: 25-35 minutes per player

Game names are trademarks of their respective rights holders.

Designed by Bryan Collars and Joshua Githens

Developed by Andy Lewis