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VPG/GMT Deluxe Editions → Rising Glory

Rising Glory

Banner designs by Rodger B. MacGowan


Note: Unless otherwise noted, all samples below are from playtest graphics, not final game art. GMT Games claims no copyright on these images.

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1. William on 8/30/2013, said:

Great after Fading Glory more of the same I cannot wait
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Rising Glory is the fourth game we are producing as part of our strategic friendship/partnership with Victory Point Games, and the 2nd from their Napoleonic 20 series (Fading Glory was our first)The idea for this and future volumes is that we will take multiple existing games from the VPG Napeoleonic 20 series, add an as-yet-unpublished game to the mix, and create a GMT boxed game with 3-4 games in the box, using larger (3/4") counters and mounted maps.

The Napoleonic 20 series from Victory Point Games are lower complexity wargames which use a common system originally created by veteran designer Joe Miranda, and further refined by developers Alan Emrich and Lance McMillan. The system’s name is derived from the fact that there are generally just 20 or fewer pieces in play on the map at one time (that's 20 pieces total, for both sides). The system is easy to learn and fast-playing, creating a tense, dramatic and challenging situation on the game board where higher echelon troop formations (generally corps) vie for position and dominance. The series features twelve pages of Standard rules, four pages of Optional rules, and one-to-two pages of Exclusive rules for each title.

A hallmark feature of the Napoleonic 20 series is the use of narrative random event cards to help “tell the story” unique to each battle or small campaign. This “friction of war” element, combined with the operational-level maneuver, intense combat, and even periods of inactivity as armies pause to rest and reorganize, provides a thrilling battle full of unexpected twists and reversals of fortune. Morale plays a vital role as both sides can ‘spend’ this precious resource to force march their units, help rally stragglers, or commit reserves to key combats. But look out… when a side’s morale is reduced to zero, it has lost the game! The games also features simple optional rules for limited intelligence/Fog-of-War, the important shaping effects of leadership, and the gradual erosion of troop effectiveness due to fatigue.

The Rising Glory multi-pack features one game each from Alan Emrich and Lance McMillan, and two designs by Kim Meints. 

  • Austerlitz 20 (the “Battle of the Three Emperors;” Napoleon vs. Kutuzov, 1805)
  • Jena 20, 2nd edition (Napoleon vs. the Brunswick & Hohenloe, 1806)
  •  Eylau 20 (Napoleon vs. Bennigsen, 1807)
  • Wagram 20 (Napoleon vs. Archduke Charles, 1809) 

Game Components

  • Four 17” x 22” mounted  maps ( 2 boards, backprinted)
  • Approximately 150  3/4"  Counters (thick, with Rounded corners, like No Retreat)
  • 48 Event cards (12 for each game)
  • One 16-page Standard Rules booklet
  • One 16-page Exclusive Rules playbook
  • Two Player Aid charts


Individual Games designed by Alan Emrich, Lance McMillan, and Kim Meints