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Sports-Themed Games → Title Chase Basketball

Title Chase Basketball

Banner designs by Rodger B. MacGowan


Note: All samples below are from playtest graphics, not final game art. GMT Games claims no copyright on these images. Coyright remains with the original creator.

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    1. William on 9/17/2013, said:

    Not many basketball games out there but this is one of the best.
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    2. Piotr on 9/13/2012, said:

    As a basketball and GMT Games fan - can't wait for this game!
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    Showing comments 1-2 of 2

    Title Chase Basketball is a fast-paced game nominally about professional basketball. The game focuses on team building, getting into the playoffs and winning it all. Title Chase Basketball should not be confused with a simulation. It is a game meant to pit players against each other and as such can be completed from the start of the season to game seven of the finals in about an hour.

    The first half of the game is a card-driven game where you build up your team by improving positions, winning key games and gain ground in the standings. You will need to decide what teams surge ahead and which ones will fall by the wayside. Do you build a team of all-stars quickly and have a giant bulls-eye placed on their back for the other players to shoot at. Do you turn your team of journeymen into a solid-all around squad. Or maybe you want those one or two superstars that can guarantee you a deep run into the playoffs. The way that you build your team is up to you.

    An early playtest version of Title Chase Basketball

    At the end of the regular season, the game switches to a full-on dice game using the teams you created during the regular season. Teams match up in best of 7 series where your dice are the ones you labored to improve earlier. As your dice are expended in each series, the games get closer and closer and often it comes down to one final toss of the die.

    Although the game does not use hard and fast statistics and has no built in way to produce them, I find that it really scratches that sports itch that I used to spend hours on back in the day with Statis-Pro Basketball. With Title Chase Basketball Carla & I can play it together even though she has only a passing knowledge of the sport. The game is meant to be played by players of all levels of sporting knowledge and still be fun. You don’t have to understand the triangle offense or why you take out your 44% free-throw shooter when you have the ball with 30 seconds left and are up by 3.

    Players: 2-7

    Playing Time: 60 minutes


    • 74 Season Cards

    • 36 Team Cards

    • 30 1” x 1” On-Board Team Counters

    • 30 1” x .5” Player Team Counters

    • 16 .5” x .5” Seed Counters

    • 97 .5” x .5” Upgrade Counters

    • 65 .5” x .5” Bonus Counters

    • 14 .5" x .5" "W" counters to mark playoff wins

    • 1 Standings / Playoff Board (20” x 20”)

    • 1 Rulebook

    • Draw Bag

    • A bunch of Dice
                  8 x d20
                  6 x d12
                  10 x d10
                  10 x d8
                  12 x d6
                  12 x d4 (Eight-sides)


    Designers: Jeff & Carla Horger