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Banner designs by Rodger B. MacGowan


Note: All samples below are from playtest versions, not final GMT game art. GMT Games claims no copyright on these images.

  • Sample Badari Counters [131 Kb pdf]
  • Sample Medis Counters [340 Kb pdf]

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    1. Giles on 2/19/2012, said:

    A very good re-imagining of Manoeuvre with a fantasy theme - it's not the original rebadged - it's a new game with similar mechanisms - I enjoyed it a lot. - Played my playtest version.
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    2. Neal on 12/2/2011, said:

    Another triumph for Mr. Hoger. I play tested this game. THe Manoeuvre game system meets fantasy. A lot has been added to these decks that expand on a simple system to learn but one that will challenge even the most serious strategy masters in the gaming world
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    The Great War ended only three years ago; not in a smashing victory or through diplomatic negotiation. It ended simply due to exhaustion. Every nation in the West had succumbed to war-weariness at almost the same time. Years of warfare had devastated the fields and severely limited the peasant population’s capability to produce the food necessary to support any large-scale campaign. An entire generation of youth had been sacrificed for no apparent reason. Unleashed and uncontrolled magic had reduced entire cities to rubble. But the war had not ended; only come to a grinding halt. The eight nations of the West had not renounced their hostilities towards one another but simply lacked the ability to muster a fighting force. Now, three years after the last great battle, the shadows of war are stirring once again in the West.

    Fury, GMT’s new game of fantasy warfare, brings the Manoeuvre game system to the lands of the West. Knights and Orcs fight against Dragons and Dwarves to decide the outcome of the 2nd War of the West. Fury takes the bones of Manoeuvre and builds a game that has more of everything you like in the original. More and varied types of movement such as flight and teleportation, more combats in a turn each with their own deadly styles, and devastating spells that can turn the tides of war in your favor. Your ability to control the Fury of the battlefield will determine your fate.

    Fury includes armies for each of the nations of the west including; the Elves of the Woodland Realm, The Dwarves of the Kingdom of Zikkim, The Theocracy of Tayanna, The Nik’tmarg a loose conglomeration of humanoids and savage men, Badari the desert empire, The Republic of Toren, Medis the feudal lands of the wizards and Tireisis feared by all as the domain of the Necromancer. In addition Fury adds in many small nations and mercenary bands that can swing a battle in your favor.

    The map boards now include mountains and desert in addition to the basic land types introduced in Manoeuvre. Other additions are territorial objectives, spells, various methods of Attack and Defense. The game includes more and varied types of Movement, expanded leader capabilities and involvement. The card mix also allows more combat from every unit through the use of generic nationality cards that can be utilized by any unit on your side. Fury turns the orderly Napoleonic battlefield on its head and populates it with Goblins, Zealots and Zombies ready to fight for their cause.

    For many more details on each nation as well as the mercenary units, visit Jeff Horger's design blog at:



    • 36 Terrain Tiles
    • 8 Nations consisting of 9 Units and 49 Cards each
    • 23 Mercenary Units with 3 Cards each
    • 2 Sheets of 1” Counters
    • Rules
    • 8 Nation-Specific Player Aids
    • 2 Mercenary/Terrain Player Aids
    • Dice (4d6, 4d8, 4d10)

    Playing Time is 30-60 minutes
    Complexity= 3
    Solo Rating= 1