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Non-Series Games → Morsecode 2nd Edition

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Morsecode 2nd Edition

  • 1680 full-color die-cut counters
  • One 22" x 34" full-color map
  • 56-page BasicRulebook
  • 32-page Scenario Book
  • 48-page Series Rulebook
  • Quickstart card
  • Two Player Aid cards
  • Two Battle Charts & one Production Chart
  • One 20-sided and two 6-sided dice

  • PUBLISHED 2001
    DESIGNER Udo Grebe
    DEVELOPERS Andreas Bertram and Dirk Blech
    ART DIRECTOR Udo Grebe
    COUNTER DESIGN Beth Queman

    Price: $23.00 

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    Morsecode ..._ represents the "V" in the morse alphabet meaning "V" for Victory.

    In seven scenarios or the campaign game, you are in command. You decide what to do!

    With these scenarios and vastly different campaigns, Morsecode ..._ really is six games for the price of one.

    Morsecode ..._ consists of only a few rules compared to the great amount of strategic and tactical option it allows.

    Morsecode ..._ is the first part in the Empires of Apocalyspe Game Series. which will eventually cover all of World War II. All parts of the series can be easily combined into a true megagame of World War II.

    Morsecode ..._ and Empires of Apocalypse are the result of 3 years of intensive historical research and game development.

    Empires of Apocalypse encompasses the whole drama of World War II - in the steppes of the Soviet Union, the desert of Lybia, and among carrier task forces in the Pacific. Yet, Empires of Apocalypse is amazingly detailed and flexible. Therefore, individual scenarios are able to focus on single campaigns in both a thrilling and historically exact way.

    Game Features

    TIME SCALE 1 month per turn
    MAP SCALE 25 miles per hex
    • Detailed land, air, and naval warfare
    • Rules for Tank Battles simulating deep penetrations of armored formations
    • Blitzkrieg Rules incorporating the combination of Tank and Air formations
    • Flexible Defense with HQs and Reserves
    • Convoy Battles
    • An extensive and realistic Naval System
    • Unique Production rules allowing you to follow your own strategies
    • Research your own weapon technologies