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Hi guys!


This Special Update is to give you some good news that we have come to an agreement with Playdek to create a digital version of Twilight Struggle (!), and to ask for your help in making it a reality. 


I'll lay out the "why" and more of the story below, but for you guys who want "just the facts,"  here is the news in brief:


1. Playdek is working with us to create a multi-platform (PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android) digital version of Twilight Struggle.


2. Our agreement is contingent on a successful 28-day Kickstarter campaign that begins TODAY.


3. Jason and Ananda have created some additional game content, which will be available in both digital and physical versions to Kickstarter supporters.  


4. Here's the link to our Kickstarter page.


Twilight Struggle Digital Edition Kickstarter Page 



Please go over there now, watch the video, check out the reward tiers, and help us get this done by pledging your support for this project.


5.  Given a successful Kickstarter program, Playdek anticipates that we'll have a game in your hands by February, 2015.


On to the details....  


Why Playdek?


Well, the short answer is "because Playdek is 31 Flavors of Digital Awesomeness!!!!" Seriously, that's pretty much our view of them. 


We play a lot of iOS games, and we pay attention to which companies make what we think are the best products. Over the past few years, Playdek has established themselves as one of the key players in the digital space, delivering multiple iOS hits and receiving many awards and much admiration for the elegance of their User Interfaces, their approach to creating AI, their attention to detail, and their dedication to customer satisfaction. As game players, we are definitely among their admirers, so when the opportunity arose to have them create the digitial version of Twilight Struggle with us, we were thrilled, honored, and really, really excited.


In Playdek, we have a veteran development partner who has proven repeatedly that they can deliver fun, engaging products. It doesn't hurt that they have a few programmers and other team members who play and love Twilight Struggle. Given their obvious good taste in board games, how could we not be excited?! :-) We hope you share our excitement, and will head over to Kickstarter right away to help us make this game a reality.


Why Kickstarter?


I know some of you are wondering why we'd use Kickstarter instead of P500 for this project. 


The reason we are using Kickstarter here is because Playdek suggested it. Their point was that Kickstarter would help us get the message about Twilight Struggle to a much broader audience, and that because they have experience with Kickstarter, they could assist us with the campaign. And I have to say,  their "help" to date has been amazing (just check out that video on the Kickstarter page - Playdek's videographer put that together and we LOVE IT!) !

How Did This Happen?


I'm sure you guys remember that depressing update I had to send a few months ago, the one that announced the cancellation of our PC version of Twilight Struggle. "Ugh," for all of us.


Well, it turns out that a couple of the programmers at Playdek, discerning consumers that they are, play our games and read our updates. And they LOVE Twilight Struggle. So when they read our note, they went to their boss, Joel Goodman, at Playdek, and basically implored him: "GMT NEEDS HELP! WE CAN HELP THEM! PLEASE LET US HELP THEM!" Or maybe some version that's a little less dramatic than that, but that's the way I heard the story. :-)


So it seems that Joel liked the idea, as he already knew us and knew that Twilight Struggle is our best-selling game. But Joel had a problem: most of his teams were committed to other projects at the time. So basically this deal was just not going to happen, at least not anytime soon, until Playdek had finished those other projects. 


But then someone over at Playdek looked at who they had available and what additional programming/art/etc resources they'd need to build a Twilight Struggle dedicated team and decided that if we could raise the funds for it through Kickstarter, they could flesh out the rest of the team and get things rolling on TS, even while the rest of the company stayed focused on their other projects. So one day I got a phone call from Joel where he said, "we'd like to do this, but we need to create a Kickstarter project to make it happen." I thought about it for about ten seconds, decided this was BY FAR the best shot we were likely to get, and with the best partner, and said "let's do it."


So Playdek is pretty much "the guy riding in on the white horse" in this scenario, and we're just really grateful to have this opportunity to bring one of our favorite games to a bunch of different game platforms with the talents and experience of Playdek at our side.


What Can You Do to Help?


This part is simple. Go here   


Twilight Struggle Digital Edition Kickstarter Page  

and pledge your support for this project today!


I know that we had about 1,500 guys who had pre-ordered the PC version. Please, guys, go support us on Kickstarter! You're going to get the same price than you did on the previous PC-only P500 version ($30 Tier) with a bunch of new cool additions, including a physical copy of the"What If?" expansion module. The biggest improvement, to me, is that we're all going to get a Playdek quality product.


To all you guys who wrote to us over the past years saying you'd love to support a digital version of Twilight Struggle if it wasn't a PC-only product: well, here you go - MULTI-PLATFORM! 


And especially to our European customers who keep reminding me that you'd love to support us with pre-orders, but shipping + custom rates are too high, well, here's your chance to show your support - for a DIGITAL product!


To everyone else, we're seriously asking for your help here. Even if you don't want a digital version of the game, there's a tier where you can just donate $5 to help us get this done. 


The point here is that Kickstarter is not like P500 in that if we don't reach the funding goal in 28 days, we get NOTHING, and the project is dead. So we're not just marketing here, we REALLY DO need your help and support right away. I told Playdek that our customers are AWESOME and that "they'll support us." So PLEASE go prove me RIGHT, OK? We really appreciate your support. Thank you.


Twilight Struggle Digital Edition Kickstarter Page


Enjoy the games!