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Hi guys!


Today's update includes three new P500 additions, updated charging and shipping info, an updated Production Outlook, and lots of other news tidbits. I hope you enjoy it. I'll spend the majority of my column this time talking about Reprints and Electronic Games. 



 The Hunters 2nd Printing!!


Wow! The Hunters, from ConsimPress, sold out in about a month!!! As I noted back when we first put this game on our P500 for John Kranz, this game is something special. Given that there are lots of gamers still asking to buy it, we're working with John to get a 2nd Printing out as quickly as we can get the files to the printers and the presses rolling. 


If you missed out on the original printing, or if you'd just like to get a 2nd copy for when the first one wears out (and this is one of those games that you want to play so much that you DO wear it out!), please go to our P500 Reprint Page for The Hunters 2nd Printing (or click the graphic below) to reserve your copy. Thanks for your support of the game and for the great work John and his teams are doing at ConsimPress.  




Please Help Us Get our CDGs Reprinted 


If you'd like more details on how Reprints work at GMT, click to read this P500 Reprints article on our website.


So, as you guys have probably noticed, we've been increasing our ability to reprint more of our out of stock games over the past couple of years. The biggest reason for this is that you guys are buying more of our new games, which gives us more strategic reserves to allocate to keeping more of our games in print. 


Here's a heads-up about what we see coming and what we'd like to reprint in 2014.


For the near future, the games we know for certain that we'll reprint are:

For any of the above games, you guys can help us with funding the reprint, both by 1) ordering any that you want from the P500 Reprint section of our P500 Page and by 2) spreading the word to your gaming friends.

A Plea for CDGs:
While we've been busy getting Twilight Struggle and Dominant Species and the Commands & Colors and Combat Commander series' back in stock, a BUNCH of our most popular Card-Driven-Games (CDGs) have gone out of stock.
We want to get these games back in stock, but money to get it done is just not there - at least not all of it - right now. So I want to highlight those games here, and make a special plea for you guys to order any that interest you and help us spread the word so we can get P500 #s rising quickly on all of these games. If we can get the funding side handled, the reprints can happen pretty quickly, as the designers would LOVE to get reprint editions back on the market.
Here are the games we are considering for reprint right now. Ideally, we'd do a big quad print of four of them, but if that's not economically feasible, then even getting a couple out the door this year and the rest next year would be a heckuva lot better than having them all out of stock. So, please order (early and often! :-) ) any of these that interest you.  


One last note on this subject. Several of you have asked us to PLEASE tell you EXACTLY what is in each reprint. And the answer is that we rarely know EXACTLY until we get a full list of what the designer wants in there and we need to determine demand well in advance of that stage. So  I want to ask you to meet me halfway on that one. Here's my half:


1. I can tell you that ALL of the above reprint editions will come with a mounted mapboard, updated rules and charts to cover any errata and any other updates or upgrades that the designer wants and we can feasibly include.


2. I'd also note that because we don't get to do reprints very often, we'll put everything we can, within price-point constraints, into these editions in terms of both quality and content.


For your half, I'd ask you to order the games you'd like anyway, knowing that a) you can always easily cancel your order down the road if you are not happy and b) we will give you EXACT details on what's in the game well in advance of any charge date, and c) If there are major component updates, we'll offer update kits for sale that you can switch your order to later if you'd rather have those.


For now, we just really need to see what the real demand is for each of these games. So please support us with your orders, and help us get these games back in stock.


Thanks for your help!



Electronic Games


Every January I take most of the month to do a strategic assessment of the company and identify specific areas that we need to improve. This year, one of the top items on my list is the Electronic Games side of the house. Given, we're trying to create these games and run this division with almost no budget, but still, progress on the development and launch of Electronic Games has been slow, painful, and very frustrating.


At the end of the day, I am personally responsible for the Electronic Games side of GMT, so I guess I'd have to give myself a failing grade in this area for 2013. We had a few developers give up on their projects and had a bunch of delays on Twilight Struggle and Dominant Species, so on the surface, not a lot of good there.


On the plus side, we haven't given up(!), and we're smarter and more experienced than we were a year ago. And we have added some new design partners over the past few months, and should begin to see product from those guys in 2014.


Here's a look at a few of our projects, with my best take at a current status update:


Twilight Struggle: This is the one that's just taken WAY longer than we thought, and some of our customers are frustrated. Well, I am, too, and I've come to the conclusion that I just don't really know what to tell you guys, as testing IS progressing and new features ARE getting added, but it's just going REALLY slowly. It almost seemed to me like a "never finished" cycle, so I checked with the developers, and they said they could really use more focus and attention and resources from us to get this thing to the finish line. 


So, I am committed to getting these guys whatever they need to get this game finished as soon as possible. My first step was to get someone with expertise who has not been involved in the project to give me a detailed assessment of where it all stands today. Enter Mitch Land, our webmaster (and a good designer in his own right) who has run and finished lots of programming projects in his "real job," to work with the dev team and give me a thorough assessment as to EXACTLY what's left to complete and what resources are needed to finish the game. Once I have that information from Mitch, we'll provide resources and lay out schedule. When I have that in hand, I will be in a position to tell all of you exactly where we are and what to expect in terms of final testing and anticipated release dates. 


I just want to thank you guys for your patience with us and with the good folks at Rivermyst. This has definitely been a learning experience (and a bit of a trial) for all of us. But I still believe, having played various prototypes, that  it's going to be worth it when the game is in all our hands.


Dominant Species (iPad). I just spoke to the project lead on the Dominant Species team late last week. The art and sound side of the upgrade is in good shape and they have a framework in place to run the AI that is just WAY better than what we had before. They still need to add the details, working in coordination with Chad, and that should begin by early February. I think the only thing left after that is the GameCenter integration, and I'm actually not sure on where they are with that, but will get you that info in the next update.

I'm not on this program team, which is what always makes it hard for me to give you guys any definitive timing on releases, but I can tell you that we've made a lot of progress and it's getting closer. More as I know it....


NightFighter (PC and iPad). We're opening P500 ordering today on the PC version of NightFighter. I think you guys are going to like the UI that the dev team has created here - makes it really easy to play the game and keep situational awareness without a lot of clutter on the screen. A bunch of scenarios will keep you busy with this one for a long time!


As with any PC game that we produce, this will be a "direct from GMT" PC product, and we'll offer 30% + discounts to folks who pre-order. We're looking at 2nd half of 2014 to release the game, and our intention at this point is to release the PC and iPad versions concurrently. So please, if you're interested in playing Nightfighter on your PC, order today!


Commands & Colors: We are still working with Playdek on Commands & Colors. I hope to have some details for you on progress by next month's update.


We have other games in development, but I don't want to tell you about those until they are further along in the dev process. I should be seeing playable alph versions of a couple of the iPad games this quarter, and will introduce you to those games once I've seen them.


Thanks again for all your support and patience as we work to create GMT games for your PCs and tablets!



Washington Post Profiles Volko Ruhnke


Jason Albert wrote an excellent piece for the Post on game designer Volko Ruhnke. It's worth a read, if you haven't seen it yet. Very well written and quite positive toward Volko, GMT, and the hobby in general. Nice work, Jason, and congratulations to Volko! Here's the link:


In the world of wargames, Volko Ruhnke has become a hero



That's it for the news bytes for this time. Here's what you'll find in the rest of today's update:


- Charge and Shipping Update

- Updated Production Outlook

- New P500 Additions!

- Reprints


Thanks, as always, for your support of GMT!


Enjoy the games!





Charging and Shipping Schedule


Shipping: We'll ship all of the following three P500 games/modules by the end of January:



Charging:  We will begin charging for the three "Shipping in January"  products listed above on Tuesday, January 21st. We'll charge one game per day (that makes life easier for our office ladies) until all three are charged. Then about a week later, we'll charge for the CC Battle Packs.
Please make sure your credit card info is up to date on our website by then. If you use the "Pay by Check" option for your P500s, please send your check right away, as charge to ship times are going to be really short on these items.
Tentative Production  Schedule

New P500 Additions!


We have two new P500 boxed game additions and one PC (Windows) addition this time. 
You'll see what I think of Fields of Despair when you read the note on the P500 page. 
Regarding the Battle of Armageddon, this is fast and furious gaming fun. I love the easy-to-play system that lets me stay focused on strategy. And the battle dice are just cool! Multiple scenarios and scaling from 2-6 players seals the deal for me. Getting to know Kerry Anderson, who has been terrific to work with, has been a great pleasure. So please order early and often so we can see the GMT version of Kerry's game soon!
Nightfighter for PC (and iPad) is still in development for release later this year, but we invite you to pre-order and let us know how many of you want to play this game on a PC. I think you'll see from the slick screen layout and User Interface that this one is going to be a joy to play.
Just click the banners or links below to go to each game's P500 page for more details and ordering info. Enjoy!
Recent P500 Additions:  Space Empires: Replicators: 308 Orders to Date  Gathering Storm: 232 Orders to Date
Next War: India-Pakistan: 303 Orders to Date
 Clash of Giants Civil War: 378 Orders to Date
No Retreat: French & Polish: 324 Orders to Date  

  No Retreat: Italian Front: 333 Orders to Date  

Twin Peaks: 435 Orders to Date


Rising Glory: 326 Orders to Date
Eagle of Lille- 403 Orders to Date
 Hoplite- 923 Orders to Date
  Talon: - 472 Orders to Date
Fire in the Lake - 1,305 Orders to Date
Enemy Coast Ahead:  497 Orders to Date
Current P500 Focus: Games that have been on the list for a while - with 400-499 orders - that could use a push to get onto the printing schedule: 
Triumph & Tragedy: (457 Orders)  
Golan '73: 423 Orders)  
 Next War: Taiwan: 465 Orders
Reprint Tracking

We continue to save funds whenever we can so that we can reprint a few of our out of stock games as necessary and as funds allow. 


Here's the current status of the games on our P500 reprint list. Please help us determine what to print by pre-ordering any of these that interest you (you can click on the name link below to go to the P500 reprint page). Thanks for your help. Here's the current P500 Reprint list - with current order totals and a +/- order growth since last month:


C&C Ancients Exp 2 & 3  - 618 Orders (+10)

Fields of Fire - 2nd Ed. - 550 Orders (+12) 

Pax Romana 2nd Ed - 548 Orders (+11)

Barbarossa: AGN - 440 Orders (+9)

Great Battles of Alex Dlx. - 409 Orders (+21)

Diacochoi - 335 Orders (-2)

Cataphract - 315 Orders (+4)

Ukraine '43 - 307 Orders (+1)

Barbarossa: AGS - 295 Orders (+8)

This Accursed Civil War - 274 Orders (+6)

Brandywine - 251 Orders (-1) 

For the People - 250 Orders (+18)

Combat Commander BP#1 - 239 Orders (+20) 

Empire of the Sun - 224 Orders (+29)

Paths of Glory - 203 Orders (+20) 

Normandy '44 - 187 Orders (+16)

Conq. of Paradise w Mtd. Map - 145 Orders (+11) 

Successors - 129 Orders (+1)

No Retreat - 124 Orders (+21) 

Combat Commander Med  - 98 Orders (+22)  

SPQR Dlx.  - 82 Orders (+13) 

Ardennes '44 - 74 Orders (+12)
Combat Commander Europe  - 66 Orders (+15)  

CC BattlePack #2 - Stalingrad - 64 Orders (+14) 

1914: Twilight in the East  - 40 Orders (+6)
Panzer  - 34 Orders (+3)

The Spanish Civil War  - 32 Orders (+1) 

 Washington's War - 15 Orders (New on List) 


New Game Support Files, Vassal/Cyberboard, and Sneak Peeks
Here are new support files we've added to our website since our last update. Enjoy!


Game Support:



Sneak Peeks at Upcoming Products
  • Added samples of the map and two of the countersheets to the Gathering Storm page.  

Your Friends at GMT Games
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