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2012 Releases
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Twilight Struggle-like CDG on the Revolutions in Eastern Europe in 1989
Andean Abyss
Game #1 in our COIN Series
Battle Line
2012 Printing of our best-selling 2 player Family strategy game
Bloody April, 1917: Air War Over Arras, France
Raid-level WWI Air Game from Terry Simo
Bomber Command
Lee Brimmicombe-Wood's Game on the Night War Over Germany, 1943-1945
C3i Magazine Issue #26
C3i Magazine Issue 26
Dominant Species Card Deck (3rd Printing)
Card Deck (with new art) from 3rd Printing of DS
Dominant Species Upgrade Kit (3rd Printing)
Update Kit for internal printed components from 3rd Printing of DS
Dominant Species: The Card Game
2-6 Player Card Game from designer Chad Jensen
Fading Glory: Napoleonic Series 20 Multi-Pack #1
Multi-pack #1 of VPG's Napoleonic Series 20 Games with Larger Counters and Mounted Maps
Fighting Formations: GD Infantry Div.
Game #1 in Chad Jensen's New WWII Series
Mr. Madison's War
Card-Driven Game on the War of 1812
Next War: Korea
1st Game in the Next War series. Redesigned and Updated Edition of CSR-Award-Winning Crisis: Korea 1995
Pax Baltica
Two-player block game set during the Great Northern War of 1700-1721
Red Winter
P500 Reprint
Grand Tactical Game of The Soviet Attack at Tolvajärvi, Finland, December 8-12, 1939

Status:  Not there yet
Orders To Date:  47
The Russian Civil War
Saints in Armor
Volume VI in the Musket & Pike Series covering 6 battles of the early Thirty Years War
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